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Most people view their home’s plumbing as a series of pipes, fixtures, and drains. What most people don’t realize that a home’s plumbing system is actually a single complex machine made up of pipes, fixtures, and drains. The system has several purposes: Provide clean water upon demand Heat a portion of the water Provide heated water upon demand Safely remove waste water Protect the home’s air-quality from waste gases (nobody ever guesses this one)

When a garbage disposal needs to be replaced

When there’s a problem with your garbage disposal, it’s never a good time. If you flip the switch and you are staring at food debris floating in cloudy water that just isn’t going down, your garbage disposal is clearly in need of repair. There are many issues that can cause interruption in the proper functioning of your garbage disposal. At Rocket Plumbing, our licensed, professional plumbers are ready to quickly assess and repair your garbage disposal problem, so you can get back to keeping your kitchen sanitary and tidy. Or, if you’re in need of other services, our Los Angeles emergency plumber is here to help, call today!

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

  • Loud grinding noise: One of the blades may have snapped off or an object has fallen into the garbage disposal.
  • The motor is seized: Your garbage disposal may be in need of replacement or a piece of dense food or debris, such as plastic or metal, is stuck in the channel between the circular turntable and the adjacent wall.
  • Water is not going down: If you have a double sink, you may find that the water on the side of the garbage disposal may not go down while the other side of the sink may have soap bubbles or water rising from the drain each time you turn on the disposal. In this situation, there is likely a stubborn clog that needs to be cleared for which a plunger may do the trick.
  • Water is leaking from the unit: If there is water leaking from the garbage disposal, there are several possible reasons for this issue, such as a cracked or broken pipe, loosened flange, deterioration of the seal, damaged hose, or damaged gasket. While you can shut off the power supply and try to ascertain the origins of the leak by visual inspection and tightening fittings, it’s best to call a professional.
EPC garbage disposal

If you think an object or food particle is jammed, shine a flashlight into the garbage disposal and attempt to locate the object. If you believe you found the obstruction, verify the switch to the garbage disposal is in the “off” position and then use a set of long pliers to remove the debris. Avoid sticking your hand into the garbage disposal as it is unsafe and unsanitary.

If you cannot find an obstruction or the problem involves a persistent clog or water leaking from the unit, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a reputable and reliable plumbing company, like Rocket Plumbing. With our steadfast commitment to high quality workmanship and prompt service, it’s evident why Rocket Plumbing Los Angeles has been in business since 2012.

replace broken garbage disposal

Home Improvement Tip: You see it all the time… you are looking over your plumber’s shoulder when he or she is looking under your sink at your garbage disposal and whew… roaches everywhere.  It’s embarrassing and gross.  Don’t delay.  Why not call Pest Control Pros to consolidate the work crew time in your kitchen?

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