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We Can Help You With Your Plumbing Emergencies.
Here's How...

Plumbing emergencies can be a distressful task to handle, not to mention costly . At Rocket Plumbing, we understand the stress you face when your home is suddenly flooded with water, or your plumbing-related components aren’t functioning properly. Unfortunately, when you find yourself knee-deep in a plumbing emergency, the majority of plumbing companies and handymen will charge you an exorbitant amount of money for a last-minute emergency call. Don’t wait, this Los Angeles Plumber is ready to bring the cuttinge edge in technology to your plumbing issue.

No matter when your emergency strikes, our informative representatives are ready to answer your phone call. We will happily setup your appointment with one of our expertly trained, certified technicians in a time-frame that meets your needs. Whether your emergency is after-hours or on the weekend, we will arrive on-time in a fully stocked vehicle prepared to effectively repair many types of plumbing emergencies in one trip. Serving the Los Angeles area, we are your local plumber.

Types Of Plumbing Emergencies We Service

While we service any type of plumbing emergency you are facing, here are some common service calls we receive that Rocket Plumbing successfully completes in a record amount of time at a fair price:

  • Clogged drain: When a store-bought cleaning solution won’t do the trick, Rocket Plumbing has the tools necessary to have your water draining smoothly.
  • Sump pump trouble: If you find water overflowing or notice that your sump pump isn’t turning on during a heavy rain, we can quickly repair or replace your pump.
  • Faucet Repair: Whether your faucet has a leak or doesn’t have enough water pressure, our technician arrives prepared to fix your faucet problem in a cinch.
  • Faulty hot water heater: The first sign of a faulty hot water heater is typically a flood of water, oftentimes requiring major repair or replacement. Our extensive selection of hot water heaters comes with a 6 year service warranty, so if you are faced with replacement we can assist you in selecting a suitable hot water that meets your household needs.
  • Garbage disposal: Whether your garbage disposal is seized or not functioning properly, Rocket Plumbing can rapidly repair it.
  • Toilet repair: At the first sign of toilet issues, contact us immediately as a small problem can cause a major flood in as little as a few hours.
  • Water leak repair: Similar to a toilet repair, water leaks can cause major damage in a short period of time. Don’t hesitate to call the trusted professionals of Rocket Plumbing to locate the source of your water leak.

It is true that good plumbers are hard to find. However, insured and licensed expert plumbing companies that charge a fair price for services are almost nonexistent. If you have a plumbing emergency in the greater Los Angeles area, contact Rocket Plumbing Los Angeles now at (310) 620-1675 to discover why we are a “one in a million” company in the plumbing industry.  If you are outside Los Angeles, no problem!  Click here to find the location near you!

Plumbing Systems need to be inspected to prevent small issues becoming major disasters that can not only be a tremendous inconvenience, but also can do real damage to the home or office property.

The Home Plumbing Systems to keep top of mind are:

  • Drain-Waste-Vent System
  • Water Supply System
  • Kitchen Plumbing System

One of the many key services that can find a small issue before they grow into expensive emergencies is to employ Leak Detection.  It’s important to have a professional plumber do this because your plumbing systems are so often behind walls, under floorboards, and in the case of pipes, buried under ground.  Most pipes are made of copper, but don’t overlook that many pipe lines going into and out of the structure are made of plastic PVC pipe.  They are particularly vulnerable to root systems from trees and even shrubbery.

And in the case of the inbound pipes, a leak can affect your water quality.  Water treatment is crucial.

Feel free to visit our Plumbing Frequently Asked Questions and send us any question you have from that page that is not answered there.

While most water filter systems are made with very high standards to meet national and state regulations, they are moving parts.  Thus, they can and do break down.  Currently, we are very high on the Pro Series Product line.  Ask us about your options if your water quality is not what it once was, or you are building a new home or structure.  That is the ideal time to upgrade or get a new view of the product offerings out there in the marketplace to get the benefits of great tasting pure water.

We are a full service Plumbing company, and can handle any Plumbing Emergency your crisis can throw at us.  But the best way to never need an emergency repair is to have routine Home Plumbing Inspections.