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What Is The Best WATER TREATMENT Approach For Your Home?

Water Quality Concerns

The Need for Protection

About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. But only about 3% of that water is fresh water. And only about 1% of that fresh water is available for use by humans.

Water is precious. And keeping our water safe is on the minds of more and more Americans every day. In fact, according to a Water Quality Association 2011 survey, 80% of Americans are concerned about the quality of their water. And while the EPA has strict regulations for the levels of various contaminants that can be present in drinking water, more and more families are turning to water filtration solutions for their water needs.

All Water is NOT the Same!

Just like real estate values, water quality is determined by location, location, location. Whether your water is treated by a municipal treatment authority or it comes from a private well, water quality can vary from town to town and from home to home. Water quality can be affected by variety of factors and even when it looks clear, it may need to be treated.

Your Rocket Plumbing Professional Plumber can analyze the quality of your water and recommend a system that can address a variety of issues including:

    • Bad Taste/Odor
    • Water Spots, Streaks, Soap Scum
    • Rust
    • Cause: Iron water
    • Blue-Green Staining