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Frequently Asked Questions


1. “I REALLY need someone NOW, but I can’t take time-off from work. What do I do? “

We offer our customers convenient evening and week-end hours and will be happy to come-out when you want us to. If you have an immediate plumbing emergency, employ an emergency valve shut-off procedure. Then call us at (310) 620-1675 to schedule an appointment.

2. “Do you have a trip fee like most plumbing companies do? “

We have a Travel/Discovery Fee and it varies on the complexity of the plumbing issue. This fee covers a 15 min assessment of your plumbing issues. It’s a thorough assessment, where we will go through the home very closely and check your fixtures, all water connections, and even angle stops. Our Travel/Discovery Fee includes a written repair estimate. Should you require us to complete any repairs we have proposed, we waive the Travel/Discover Fee. We understand that no one plans emergencies. We’re just happy to help.

3. “What areas do you service?”

Typically, we service the areas in the map listed below. Please call to check availability.

4. “Okay, I’m sold. How soon can you be here?”

Normally, we can send a plumber out the same day. Certain emergencies have immediate
priority. Please call us at (310) 620-1675 for availability.

5. “Can you provide me with an estimate before you arrive and look at the problem? “

We prefer to provide estimates after a thorough review of your property. Without seeing your problem, it is difficult to determine a price because it is impossible to diagnose a problem without a visual inspection. But, we can give you an average of what a typical repair costs and give you an estimate once we view the problem.

However, in some cases we can provide estimates based off of e-mailed or txted digital photos. Be sure that you have several shots of the area (in decent lighting) along with any other pertinent information. Give us a call and then email your photos and reference your last name in the subject line. We can do it by txting, too!

6. “Do you install tankless hot water heaters?”

Yes.  It’s one of our specialties as plumbing company that prides itself on being on the cutting technical edge.  Give us a call for our latest tankless water heater recommendations.

7. “Will you install our fixtures for us?”


8. “How much do I pay for estimates?”

While our Travel/Discover Fee is variable because they are are thorough assessments done at the site of the plumbing issue,  we do not charge for ballpark estimates done via the limited phone or txt.   It’s good practice for you, as the homeowner, to keep in mind that your plumbing system could have larger problems that are not obvious yet from the symptoms you may be seeing on the surface.  Tree roots in pipes, newly misaligned pipes from shifting ground, or new accumulation of gunk and material in pipes are one of many problems under the surface that could show up as minor issues in your home.  Whether your plumbing issue is minor and fixed for not a lot, or a major problem affecting your whole home, we assess plumbing issues the same way every time… what will solve the problem, to your long term benefit.

9. “I have never had to call a plumber before, what should I expect?”

Rocket Plumbing is serious about customer service and safety. We background check and drug screen every employee to ensure we have the best personnel in your home. Your first interaction with our company will be a friendly voice of one of our professional customer service people eager to assist you in setting up an appointment. Our technician will call you before heading to your home to ensure you are home and to let you know who is coming.

10. “Why are you different? Why are you better?”

We won’t quit until your problem is solved and you are satisfied.  We pride ourselves in giving honest appraisals of plumbing issues our customers have, and provide long term solutions provided by cutting edge plumbing technology that, when it’s all said and done, give you the benefits of speedy repairs at a fair priced.   See our reviews and testimonials for a better idea about our approach here.

11. “Does Rocket Plumbing serve the 90210?”

We have been sending our team into Beverly Hills to help customers there since our LA. location started. (added 9-18-18)

Was your questions not already asked?

If you have a question not answered here, feel free to go to our contact page and submit your question.  We would greatly appreciate it!